The 19 Questions We Put To Our Panel of Experts.


Each of the 12 experts interviewed were presented with the same 19 questions, designed to elicit the most valuable insights and information
to transform your trading results.

  1. How did you get involved in trading, what drew you to this industry?

  2. What are your daily rituals, how do you prepare for your trading day and evaluate your performance at the end of the day?

  3. How do you handle losing trades, over confidence and drawdowns?

  4. How do you develop patience so that you wait for the best trade set ups you have identified, and ignore the distractions of what everyone else is doing?

  5. What is the one thing that you can specifically pinpoint that transformed your trading and turned you into a consistently profitable trader?

  6. What role does mindset play in trading and what have you done to develop yours?

  7. How do you develop discipline to follow your rules and system?

  8. If you where to look back at your trading career and you could change one thing that would have made you consistently profitable, what would that be?

  9. What do you think is the biggest difference between people who succeed at trading and those who do not?

  10. Looking back, what were the top 3 misconceptions you had when you started trading?

  11. How do you identify and create your own personal edges that enable you to increase the odds in your favour?

  12. If you were to recommend a simple process to create consistency, in less than 10 steps what would your suggestion be?

  13. How do you organise your time so that you can maximise on capturing opportunities, learning, testing, etc. and still spend time with your family and have a life?

  14. How do you quiet your emotions and mind when trading?

  15. How do you determine your position size and does this differ with different types of trades and/ or systems and why?

  16. How do you trade for income and how does this differ from trading to build wealth?

  17. Do you have multiple systems for multiple markets or do you use a fractal system, a system that is the same but works on different time frames and market types and instruments?

  18. What is single biggest mistake that you have made in your trading career and how can our listeners make sure they avoid doing the same thing?

  19. What are the three biggest mistakes you see unprofitable traders make and what do they need to do differently?


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