12 World Renowned Trading Masters Reveal Their Winning Secrets To
Becoming A Predictably Profitable Trader... Developing More Discipline... Creating A Winning System And Developing The Secret Mindset Of Trading And Financial Success.

"As someone who is normally on the inquiring side of trader interviews, I appreciated the excellent job Patrick Stockhausen did in asking the right questions and in drawing out pertinent and informative replies. I did indeed listen to my own interview, and I am very pleased with the final product. I truly believe the contents of this interview provide sound trading advice and that aspiring traders should find ideas that help improve their own trading."


Jack Schwager
Author of the Market Wizards series

"Trading Coach Dr. Van K. Tharp reveals his top trading advice in this compelling interview with Patrick Stockhausen. Patrick’s infectious enthusiasm and guided follow-up questions bring out the best of Van Tharp’s commentary on trading, traders, and how to reach their peak performance. After working for over 30 years with top traders, Tharp’s key trading fundamentals are discussed in this interview. He emphasizes the importance of determining one’s objectives, trader mistakes (and Tharp’s definition of a mistake), system development, and position sizing. He discusses the importance of beliefs toward trading and how they go hand-in-hand,  and levels of transformation. Tharp also answers the question, What should come first: psychology, business planning, system development, position sizing or setting objectives.  We are confident you’ll leave this interview with new insights about trading and yourself as a trader!”


The Van Tharp Institute.

"Trading and investing has been a lifelong passion of mine, as has been the joy of teaching hundreds of thousands of others how to trade.  I was very blessed to have had some outstanding mentors early on in my career.  Mentors who taught me, inspired me and drove me to achieve success, regardless of the setbacks along the way.  I am very proud to have been invited to participate in this extraordinary program with Patrick Stockhausen.  Patrick and I spent more than two hours discussing a wide range of trading concepts, strategies and psychology.  I called upon my twenty years of trading experience and the many lessons I’ve learnt from both the market and my mentors.  I know you will find outstanding value in the wisdom we can share with you, as well as from the many other highly experienced mentors who have been interviewed as well.  May I wish you all profitable trading!"

Daniel Kertcher

Professional Trader, Educator, Senior Investment Officer

"This is a fantastic must-see program!  Through Patrick’s thorough interview process, traders at all levels of their journey will be able to get inside my mind, and that of other top professionals from around the world.  The interview with me involved three intensive hours to get at the heart of what makes me tick as a trader and why and how I trade the way I do.  These are the same mindset and strategy techniques that I have used to win numerous domestic and international trading competitions around the world. I told Patrick if he was going to offer it to the public, in order for me to be a part of it, it would have to be good.  So he spent three hours getting into my mind and asking all of the right kinds of questions that traders need to know.  If traders really listen to this three hour interview me, it will truly help them Become A Better Trader!  Isn’t that what it’s all about?"


Rob Hoffman,
2x International Trading Champion, 4x Traders Expo Trading Champion

"Many people jump into the financial markets with high expectations. They think they can open an account with a broker, learn some basics about chart analysis and market machinations, and then grab a “hot stock” that will deliver big profits. Trouble is, if that stock or the market turns against them, they haven’t the inner tools and processes to command the natural emotions of fear and even panic that can emerge during volatile market periods. Those who haven’t recognized how emotional extremes can damage their wealth can lose money--and quickly--as fear and panic color their perspective of market reality and ultimately cause them to make unwise decisions. I am confident that traders and investors of all levels of experience will take away learning points from these interviews that will benefit your experience in the market and raise your level of success to new heights. Please know that as a market participant, the work you do to establish a winning mental approach will be the most important action you can take on your journey to reach your financial goals!"

Toni Turner
Professional Trader, Educator, Author

"Could a few interviews with some top traders - all of whom have extremely different approaches to trading in terms of entry signals, markets, time-frames, etc - really make a difference to my understanding of how to make things work for me?

Well, the short answer is, "Yes!" Because what I found is that there are consistent patterns and messages which run through what all these people are saying. I've realised that success in trading is not some special gift or talent handed down from above, but something that all of us can develop through study, practice and a willingness to learn. I've realised that trying to copy somebody else and their system, trying to trade the exact same way as person X or person Y, is trading suicide, because

I am not them, my mind is not their mind, my time constraints are not their time constraints, my goals are not their goals, my risk tolerance is not their risk tolerance, etc, etc. Rather, I need to identify and develop my own style and system that works for me, just as all the traders you interviewed have done, and that this is the key to the discipline and consistency people always talk about and strive for.

And I've realised that how I think about trading, and about myself, and about the markets, and about winners, and about losers, is central to how I behave and thus central to the results I get. It's a mind game.”

I cannot thank you enough.
Kevin Burch

"After the interviews I felt invigorated having been invited to listen to the insights of trading veterans who have been there and done it and continue to do so.

I finally understood the importance of taking a professional approach and following a clear plan which I could believe in, because it was built around me and my biases.


I no longer trade Equities, Options, Futures and Currencies; I trade MY PLAN and I execute without hesitation knowing my exit points prior to entry. Whilst accepting the pre-defined risks.


This product will help anyone serious about trading to glean insights and formulate their own trading plan and philosophies. These professionals have various trading styles and experience in a broad sector of markets.


I haven’t come across a product prior to this one, that encompasses so many nuggets and aha moments in one place and Patrick’s desire to help others and share is evident throughout.
I no longer feel alone and can access the thoughts of these great traders anytime, anyplace, anywhere."

Great job Patrick!
Mike Mckenzie

"I have been lacking confidence that I have the ability to be a trader. I see so many great traders and feel like they have natural talents that I don’t possess. I have also been a little overwhelmed by the infinite number of options there are along the way to becoming a profitable trader. There is so much misinformation out there that sometimes it is hard to see the wood from the trees.

However, during the interviews I realised very quickly that most of these guys starting from a similar position to me. This has given me huge relief. There was no magic to their journey, just persistence and love for the trade.

I noticed a pattern emerging between the traders in most cases. They found a strategy that worked for them and stuck with it, rather than jumping from strategy to strategy hoping for a holy grail system.   And that  Mindset is critical to all of them. Most of them now have internalised the things that are needed to master trading, but clearly mindset plays a big role.


Funnily enough, I felt that this interview series has given me permission to fully embrace trading as my own hobby. One of the resounding messages for me is that anyone can trade provided they don’t put pressure on themselves to achieve profits too soon, provided they fit trading around their lifestyle (not the other way around), provided they enjoy the journey, and provided they are prepared to develop the mindset required for trading. I had previously been beating myself up for not getting tangible results immediately. Now I just see trading as one of my things that I enjoy and will, with patience and persistence, pay dividends eventually."

Stephen Shepard

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